About the Wedding Party

Maid of Honor: Megan Cooley

Megan and I met about 22 years ago on a cold, stormy winter night. Well, I donít remember much about that day, I wasnít even 2 yet, but I figure that I must have met her. She is my younger sister and one of my best friends. We going to be graduating from The Masterís College together in May with the same degree. Sure, weíve had our share of disagreements, but Iíve had some of my best times in school and in life with her. No one amuses us like we do! Sheís my best friend and Iím grateful to have as my maid of honor and that weíll be living near each other.


Amanda Taylor

We met at church when we were in elementary school, but we didnít become friends until our freshman year of high school. Amanda has become one of my closest and most faithful friends. Even when weíve lived thousands of miles away from each other, Amanda has always been faithful to show that she cares.

Emily Taylor

This is Amanda's younger sister and Meganís college roommate. I have so many great memories of the four of us getting together in high school for sleepovers and making home movies. Emily had some of the craziest characters! Emily is also one of kindest people Iíve ever met and Iíve really grown to appreciate her friendship.

Best Man: Michael Reardon

Mike and I met when we were 14 years old.  We both played guitar and helped teach each other Nirvana songs.  He has been my closest friend since then and knows me better than I know myself.  He is the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band Veneer, from Boston, and will be an official doctor of biology by the time we get married.  But just call him Mike. 


Justin Chaput

Justin and I grew up together roaming the streets of Worcester.  We probably spent every day together from age 14 to 18, before I went off to college.  Justin is one of the most loyal friends a man can have and I can count on him for anything.  He currently is the bar manager of Jacob Werth's, a German restaurant in Boston established in 1868.  Justin was not there then.

John Weeks

John Weeks is a reporter for The Item newspaper in Clinton, MA.  He wields a pen and is the best writer this side of the Mississippi.  John is also a singer/songwriter with one record album completed.  He writes fiction as well and is halfway through the next great American novel.  John has a way with words unlike anyone I've ever known.  He is one of the kindest, most generous people I've ever met and am honored to call him my friend.  Be careful what you say to him - you may find yourself the center of the newspaper's next headline.