Cooley-Fish Wedding - About Us

About Kristin

Kristin is currently finishing her Bachelorís degree in Business Management at The Masterís College in Southern California. She recently ended her employment at Starbucks Coffee Company after working there for two years and is planning on doing a work study during her final semester of college. Sheís hoping that she will have more time to spend time with the people she loves this semester instead of working constantly! Kristin does not have a job lined up yet after she graduates, but she is excited about the possibilities and looks forward to the opportunities ahead.


About Jeremiah

Jerry is currently working as an assistant manager of a Starbucks store in Santa Clarita, California. He originally moved to California in order to complete his masterís degree at UCLA, but just before moving he came to know the Lord and Jerryís goals and desires immediately changed. He decided to dedicate himself to helping people, and he has since completed his EMT certification. Jerry is currently pursuing opportunities to work in this field with the future goal of becoming a paramedic on a fire department.

How we met (The story according to Jerry)

Kristin and I met in autumn 2005 while working together at Starbuck's Coffee on West Boylston St. in Worcester. This is fitting because our favorite date is to go out for coffee and just talk. Like many relationships, ours started out with us being friends. After eight months of working side by side and Kristin attempting many times to unearth my secrets to making great coffee and quality foam, I finally got fed up and just said, "Kristin Cooley. If you have a question just ask." Well, unfortunately for me, her pride got in the way, and she didn't speak to me for several weeks. And, of course, this made me more interested in her. So I started peppering her with questions. Women like talking, thus questions are a man's best friend. Shy by nature, Kristin initially ignored these questions, still bitter about the foam and coffee. Eventually she came around and kindly stated, "Fine, just show me." It was those four words that really roped me in. Our first topic of conversation included California. I was moving there to go back to school and so was she. Strangely, we were moving only 6 weeks apart.

So October 2006 found us in southern California. Kristin and her sister Megan were attending The Master's College in Santa Clarita, CA. Every couple of weeks we would all get together and see a movie, go to church, or drink more coffee at Java N Jazz, a Santa Clarita coffee shop. It was during these outings that our friendship bond was formed and grew. It was here I was able to see the godly woman Kristin is and the qualities that made me want to marry her. In the summer of 2007, Kristin's dad, Steve, graciously gave me his permission to pursue Kristin and begin dating her. I knew she was the woman I wanted to marry and two months later got Steve's blessing to ask her to marry me.

The Proposal

I proposed to Kristin on September 29, 2007. We started off the night attending a wedding of one of Kristin's former co-worker's. Even though the invitation actually had the wrong directions (so half the wedding party was late) we arrived just in time to enjoy an outdoor wedding with a Swing music theme. It was loads of fun and no I did not propose at the wedding. Afterwards, I surprised Kristin with dinner plans and brought her to The Odyssey, a very nice restaurant seated atop a hill in Granada Hills, CA. We had a seat by the window and watched the sky get dark. We were dressed up already from the wedding and Kristin wore a beautiful red dress I will never forget. After dinner, I told Kristin I was going to the restroom and actually ran back to my car where I had hidden her engagement ring. Once I got to my car I spent ten minutes frantically looking for it thinking I had lost the ring! As it turns out, I was just so nervous and forgot I had placed it in the glove compartment. Upon returning to my seat, we drank coffee and left. There is a path outside the restaurant that winds around from the back to the front of the establishment and looks out over the city. We walked down and at the end I got down on one knee and asked Kristin to marry me. She said yes!

How we met (The story according to Kristin)

Jerry and I both worked at the same Starbucks store (Iíll agree about that fact). He was a supervisor and I was just a lowly barista. I actually donít remember that much about the first 6 months or so that we worked together other than I just thought of him as big goof ball. I felt like he would often play around, getting into towel fights with coworkers. He was definitely very laid back. Jerry had grown up in the Worcester area and so he always seemed to know all of the customers. Iíd be working like crazy to make people there drinks, I would turn and look, and there Jerry would be, standing out with a customer chatting. He always claimed that he was just making customers feel welcome, but I knew better.

After we both quit our full time jobs and were able to spend more time working at Starbucks, Jerry and I started to work together more. It was at this point that I started to take him more seriously, seeing him as a three dimensional person rather than just the goofball. It was also at this point that I learned that everything that I had assumed about him in the past was incorrect. Jeremiah Judson Fish was one of the most surprising and impressive people that I had ever met and I still believe that today.

Jerry and Kristin